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Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is a proven technology in the non-conventional energy sector. This oil extraction method utilizes steam to loosen bitumen deep underground that was previously inaccessible. The water provided during this process goes through several different stages of filtration to optimize the recycling operation.

SAGD is the Future

SAGD equipment is critical to the future of Alberta's oil production - 80% of oil, or 135 billion barrels, is located at a depth unreachable conventional extraction methods. Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is making impressive strides towards making recovery more profitable while reducing production footprints.

Benefits of SAGD

Compared to traditional deep drilling, SAGD is 2x thermally efficient and achieves higher recovery rates. SAGD is economically viable, especially with oil prices as low as $30 a barrel which, making it paramount to the continued profitability of oil during times where the economy demands that extraction is as efficient as possible.

How SAGD Works

SAGD uses heat and steam to gradually mix with and loosen crude oil deep beneath the surface and enables it to be pooled and pumped to the surface. The process is resource and cost effective.