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Filtration is a critical step in the treatment of produced water to ensure as much oil as possible can be separated from the process stream. This oil may be further treated as a source of revenue. The clean filtered water can then be used in various plant operations or injected into the well bore for disposal or pressure maintenance.

Environmental Benefits

Many processes in the Oil in Gas industry, such as SAGD, the treatment of produced water is paramount. PS Filter’s water treatment equipment is designed to remove contaminants and suspended solids from the water so it may be re-injected back into the extraction system as steam. This allows water to be recycled and puts less of a demand on the environment.

Benefits for Your Business

The filtering and recycling of water will reap financial benefits. PS Filter can set specific filtration requirements to ensure that treated water meets the purity standards for the planned reuse. Water is often recycled and reused onsite, for example, steam assisted gravity drainage consistently recycles water and reinjects it back into the process as steam.