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PS Filter works with our technical environmental specialists to design systems to efficiently remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) such as benzene, toluene etc. to meet regulatory standards. Compliance to these standards is critical to safely maintain plant operations, worker safety and production levels.

PS Filter has the equipment necessary to remove volatile organic compounds from water, gas, and air and can help you protect your workers and the environment.


An activated carbon filter is necessary to Filter airborne volatile organic compounds. PS Filter specializes in providing custom Activated Carbon filters that will work to absorb dangerous VOCS, gases, and will remove odors and help keep your working environment safe.


To remove VOCs from water, PS Filter recommends activated carbon filtration. While the absorption capacity of the filter will depend on the type of VOC targeted for filtration, carbon filtration is an effective way to treat water and eliminate the presence of hazardous chemicals such as benzene and trichloroethylene.


When natural gas is extracted from the ground, it is contaminated with water, gases, and other hydrocarbons, including VOCS. To promote clean burning and efficiency, the gas must be treated before being transported to market. Filtering solution, such as amine sweetening, will remove contaminates like trace hydrocarbons from the gas.