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Downstream (Refineries)

The downstream sector of the oil and gas industry involves the refining of the crude oil and/or raw natural gases obtained in the upstream sector as well as selling or distributing the products obtained. This includes facilities such as:

  • petrochemical plants
  • oil refineries
  • natural gas distribution companies
  • retail outlets (i.e. gas stations)

Many products are derived from the refining of crude oil and these may include:

  • diesel oil
  • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • asphalt
  • petroleum coke
  • gasoline
  • fertilizers
  • antifreeze
  • plastics
  • rubbers
  • pesticides
  • synthetic rubber
  • jet fuel

There are many applications for filtration, separation, water treatment, and VOC removal in the downstream sector and it is imperative to work with a company such as PS Filter® for a cost effective solution, from a qualified company.

The major activities in the downstream sector include refining, transportation to retail facilities, and marketing finished products.

There is no room for error or waste and utilizing Effectively Designed Filtration / Separation Systems will dramatically improve how your process operates to ensure a safe, reliable, environmentally compliant and optimized facility.

PS Filter® will work with your team to provide a safe and effective solution by utilizing innovative technologies specific to your application. Reducing waste and re-cycling are of paramount importance in today’s environment. PS Filter® will provide proven filtration products & technologies that will work for all your applications for a “Filtration for Tomorrow Solution” - “Understanding your Needs-Today”. Get in touch with us for more information on our downstream sector.

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