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The oil and gas industry is a 24-7 business and maintaining Exploration & Production Operations is a critical part of the profitability of any producer. PS Filter® has spent over 30 years working in the various sectors of this demanding industry and realizes the importance of supply and logistics to alleviate downtime for their customers.

We work with customers to maintain inventory levels to help support their operations to ensure we are available to meet their requirements. As a main design and supplier of Filtration & Separation Equipment we also work diligently to maintain inventory levels of our OEM consumables that are an integral component for filtration systems to run effectively.

We carry hundreds of various styles and microns of consumable filters for different process applications to ensure quick availability and also carry dedicated inventory of filtration products for specific client needs.

In addition to our inventory of OEM Filter Bags & Cartridges, we also inventory some of our more requested Filter Pressure Vessels that can meet deliveries for rush projects. For a more detailed application we can also provide an expedited manufacturing process to fabricate custom equipment that may be required on a rush basis.

PS Filter®
OEM Filter Bags & Cartridges

PS Filter® always has hundreds of dedicated OEM Filter Cartridges & Filter Bags available stock in Absolute, High Efficiency & Nominal ratings to meet customer requirements. We offer choices to meet the most demanding applications and are available for quick shipment at any time. We also provide technical support to help with making the best choice(s) for your specific process to ensure optimum performance.


PS Filter® has a number of Filter Bag Housings in stock for immediate purchase or rent to own option. Some of the present inventory are a quantity of Six Bag Sour Service Housings-ASME Code Construction & CRN Registration. All our vessels are built to the highest quality standards designed to provide years of service. We also can provide other custom designed vessels that can be delivered in a quick turnaround time to meet tight delivery schedules. Contact us for your specific requirements and we would be pleased to provide more information and answer questions regarding your process application.

Activated Carbon-Bulk & small quantity Bags

PS Filter® carries dedicated inventories of Bulk & Small Quantity Bags of Activated Carbon for customers who require quick deliveries to meet to meet process demands. Depending on the application the choice of the correct type of carbon is critical to ensure optimum performance to meet your absorption requirements. If you need technical information or specifics, we would be pleased to provide detailed options for your specific process. We will work with your operational team to ensure we have dedicated products to meet your scheduling expectations.