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Check out our blog to learn more about the filtration equipment we supply and how it can be used to achieve your desired result. Whether you need a filter for water treatment, removal of VOCs, & more, we can also custom design and manufacture filters for your specific application.

Sometimes there may be confusion on the difference(s) between a filter and a strainer as they both are designed to remove particles from a liquid or gas phase to meet a required effluent quality and may be used to protect downstream equipment from contaminant damage.

Sanitary filtration is used in many different applications from dairy operations, water, pharmaceuticals, sterile air/gas to wine and beer processes. Sanitary is a broad term that relates to health or to the protection of health. A sanitary filter is both designed and built in a manner were it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Sanitary filter housings are built using materials such as electro-polished stainless steel alloys that can be cleaned to prevent the contamination of the end product.