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Contamination negatively impacts various industries and operations. This can result in unplanned costs, reduced production time and increased equipment maintenance. PS Filter has been designing and providing state of the art filtration/separation systems and products for over a quarter of a century. We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and expertise to evaluate each and every application to ensure our clients get the right product to meet or exceed their requirements.

The installation of a proper filtration solution can extend the life of your equipment and ensure that you are not caught off guard by unexpected downtimes. PS Filter has strategic locations in Alberta, throughout Canada and the United States to provide engineering and fabrication capabilities to meet quality compliance, scheduled deliveries while keeping project budgets on track.

Filtration Solutions

The most important filter choice criteria should be efficiency: lowest cost per amount of contaminant removal at a designated micron-level. We can help you choose the right filter for your application!

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