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Upstream (Exploration & Production)

Various types of filtration/separation equipment and filtration products are utilized to maximize production targets and ensure efficient operations in the search and extraction of oil and gas reserves. During drilling and extraction operations it is critical to maintain specific effluent quality to protect downhole formations from any damage from contaminants and ensure equipment is protected from excessive wear and maintenance.

Water treatment is also important to meet specific process requirements and effluent targets, so the water can be filtered and re-cycled to reduce environmental impacts of excessive water consumption. Some of the processes demand oil removal to tight levels and this can only be achieved effectively by utilizing the best separation technologies available and working with a company such as PS FilterĀ® to understand the objectives the client needs to meet for their particular operation.

PS FilterĀ® has the filtration/separation equipment knowledge and operational experience to provide cost effective recommendations to meet the most demanding requirements. Filtration/separation equipment we work with:

  • hydro-cyclones
  • separators
  • IGF (Induced Gas Flotation)
  • ORF (Oil Removal Filters)
  • VOC removal systems
  • filter vessels & filters

We provide standard and customized consumable filter products and medias to reduce operational and maintenance costs and provide the lowest cost per unit of contaminant removal at the desired effluent target and efficiency for each application. To learn more about filtration/separation equipment, give us a call.

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