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Posted: 3 Dec '19

Not All Filters Perform the Same & It’s Important to Know Why

  • The above diagram shows the response difference between Nominal & Absolute Rated Filters and the unloading seen when the DP (Differential Pressure) increases across nominal filters.
  • The problem with this response is contaminants can unload downstream and without careful monitoring, the media itself can actually migrate and cause numerous costly downstream issues from well bore plugging in water flood operations to mechanical equipment and process problems in production operations.
  • Nominal Filters have Medias which can move under increasing DP as the pore structure is not a fixed-pore construction and subject to deformation so previously captured particles are released downstream. This defeats many of the advantages of filtering in the first place. I have actually taken field samples where the downstream effluent is dirtier than the influent due to unloading of previously captured particles.
  • This effect can be seen in fluctuating differential pressure readings and cycles of increasing DP followed by a sharp decrease (Saw Type Curve) when the Media moves and unloads contaminants. This can lead to the false impression of deceptively long filter life and the filter working effectively.
  • Absolute Rated Filters are manufactured differently to provide consistent performance over the actual life of the filter with a low DP that increases gradually over time till the filter is completely plugged and the change-out DP is reached.
  • Because of the Fixed-Pore construction the pore size is not subject to change over DP increasing and the Media Integrity is also maintained. This guarantees a consistent effluent quality at the designated micron chosen and the efficiency is not in jeopardy during operation.
  • Our unique OEM proprietary pleated design will also provide much higher dirt capacity than Nominal type filters and ensure no quality compromise for your operational requirements.

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