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Posted: 6 Nov '23

2023 Issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering

2023 Issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering

Discover the pivotal role of separation technology in refining and environmental protection in the oil and gas sector. Our very own Neil Richards provides expert insights in the latest "Hydrocarbon Engineering" magazine, detailing the sophisticated use of filtration and separation to produce cleaner fuels and minimize environmental impact.

Learn about the intricate processes of distillation, fractionation, and adsorption that PS Filter harnesses to ensure optimal performance in amine purification—a critical method for removing impurities from natural gas. Find out how these techniques not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly cut costs and bolster safety in the workplace.

Embrace the opportunity to dive deeper into the essential benefits and innovative strategies of effective contamination control, underscored by PS Filter's commitment to operational excellence. Explore the full article to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in filtration and separation technology that are shaping the future of energy production.


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As an Energy Industry Professional Neil has a well-rounded knowledge of what it takes to effectively produce oil and gas to maximize the benefit. For the past 34 years working in the Oil-Patch, Safety and Environmental Protection has always been important to Neil and his associates. Neil feels Energy Companies and the Industry have come a long way to do things better and safer while continuing to contribute to a Global Economy and continues to look at the future with a positive attitude.