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Posted: 3 Jun '19

“Attention” Are You Involved With Oil & Gas Filtration Equipment?

If you require or use oil & gas filtration equipment and think "all systems are the same", think again….. You’ve come to the right place to find out why they’re not……

Working 30+ years in the energy sector we have seen common filtration issues come up over and over again:

  • Filtration costs are too high
  • My equipment requires too much operational servicing
  • The filters need to be changed too frequently
  • Downstream equipment and processes are having problems
  • Chemical costs are increasing
  • The filter effluent quality is not consistent

Solutions Are Available:

The oil and gas filtration industry is utilized for many critical applications and ensuring the correct choices are made when selecting the particular equipment will dictate how effectively it performs. Oil & gas filtration equipment & systems are used for pipelines (commonly  strainers versus traditional finer filtration), glycol dehydration, amine sweetening, wellhead injection (gas or liquids), various process filtration and air & natural gas filtration.

There are numerous applications and many manufacturers that supply oil & gas filtration equipment in one form or another to the oil, gas,  petrochemical and industrial industries. So how do we know what equipment will work the best, this is the million dollar question- and I do mean that in all seriousness, because making the wrong choice can end up with cost overruns and production losses that can end up costing the end-user millions of dollars in spending and lost revenue?

PS Filter® has worked in the area of oil & gas filtration equipment design and supply for over 30 years and takes great pride in the fact that we always work closely with clients in a customer-centric focus to first understand the specific process and what the expectations are for the application and what is the criteria for a successful outcome.

Process Conditions

Understanding process conditions and all the unique variables of the application is the first step towards making a choice regarding the type of oil & gas filtration equipment that will work most effectively from a safe, cost-effective and process standpoint. Equipment sizing and the type of filtration required are critical factors, and ones that should not be taken lightly. There is no need to use a Cadillac when a less expensive option may be acceptable, but on the same note utilizing an undersized, poorly designed piece of equipment is also not the best choice to meet a desired outcome.

Size & Style

Selecting the correct style and size of equipment is the first step in designing an effective filtration system. The next step is to work closely with customers to understand their actual effluent requirements to ensure the right type and efficiency filter is used within the equipment. This is of paramount importance to how the system will work and whether it will provide the desired outcome for the specific process. A simple analogy would be to use a razor with a dull blade and expect a clean shave. Both the oil & gas filtration equipment and  specified  filter have to work in unison to meet the performance expectations to be successful for each and every application.

PS Filter® will never over or under design oil & gas filtration equipment or systems just to get an order. Our 30 years of industry experience and business ethics are the backbone of our company philosophy- that we want to build long term relationships with our customers based on trust and satisfaction with the equipment and systems we provide to ensure performance to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Whether you are looking for a new system or want to optimize existing oil & gas filtration equipment, PS Filter® will work with you and your team to provide a viable solution to meet your specific requirements and always give you straight technical answers based on fact not fiction. Contact us today!

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As an Energy Industry Professional Neil has a well-rounded knowledge of what it takes to effectively produce oil and gas to maximize the benefit. For the past 34 years working in the Oil-Patch, Safety and Environmental Protection has always been important to Neil and his associates. Neil feels Energy Companies and the Industry have come a long way to do things better and safer while continuing to contribute to a Global Economy and continues to look at the future with a positive attitude.