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Posted: 26 Feb '15

EcoSorb® BXB Activated Carbon Filtration Equipment Sets the Industry Standard for Safe, Clean & Durable Handling

EcoSorb® BXB Activated Carbon Filtration Equipment Sets the Industry Standard for Safe, Clean & Durable Handling

Industries such as Rotogravure printers and OEMs of solvent recovery systems rely on EcoSorb® BXB to help their Activated Carbon Filtration Equipment recover solvents. The recovery process helps prevent pollution and yields large savings by cutting operational costs.

Used as a catalyst support or carrier, it can start or speed up reactions that reduce chemical requirements. This makes the conversion of reactants into products an efficient one.

EcoSorb® BXB has been developed for the efficient, economical recovery of solvents in your Activated Carbon Filtration Equipment. It's made by using steam activation from select grades of anthracite coal, resulting in a very high activity extruded activated carbon. A unique binding and extrusion process is used, making this activated carbon extremely hard and resistant to mechanical breakdown. EcoSorb® BXB has a high adsorption capacity. This is coupled with low steam consumption rates during the regeneration cycle, resulting in a low total operation cost.

It’s versatile, since it’s also well suited for purification of industrial and natural gases as well as VOC adsorption in air treatment processes. EcoSorb® BXB is also ideally suited for solvent degreasing (trichloroethylene), viscose production, and wallpaper production (pentane).

EcoSorb® BXB's polyethylene valve bag sets the industry standard for safe, clean, and durable handling.

It offers the following benefits:

  • High activity and density 
  • Optimized pore structure 
  • Exceptionally strong and hard Rigorously de-dusted 
  • Maximum solvent loading 
  • High working capacity and low steam consumption 
  • Minimal product degradation giving low pressure drop 
  • Clean handing at adsorber loading and commissioning


EcoSorb ® BXB is available in pellet diameters ranging from .9 to 5.0 mm.

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