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Posted: 1 Aug '17

Forging Ahead with SAGD Equipment in the Oil Sands

Forging Ahead with SAGD Equipment in the Oil Sands

Since its inception in 2002, SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) has been continually evolving, increasing production and lowering costs to recover bitumen from the depths of the oil sands. With an estimated 80-percent of the oil sands at depths that have to be accessed via drilling techniques, the case for forging ahead with SAGD equipment in the oil sands is strong.

SAGD Equipment is Continually Improving

In relation to crude oil, SAGD is a young process, meaning continual improvements are being made to make recovery more feasible. The rate of recovery is speeding up, energy efficiency is improving and costs are coming down. As more research is done and new technology is explored, it will be paramount to your success to work with an SAGD equipment manufacturer that is innovative and experienced in this complex technology.

Decreased Environmental Impact

The country is paying close attention to the environmental impact caused by oil sands recovery. With more regulations and compliance factors in place than ever before, it makes sound economic sense to minimize your company's effects on the environment. SAGD equipment offers a minimal footprint over traditional oil sands mining since most is located far underground. With most systems, only 10-15 percent of the surface-level ground is affected on a site.

Scalability through SAGD Equipment

Managing costs and workforce expansion is critical to your success in the oil sands. SAGD is a process that allows for growth in stages, to scale to your production levels. Working with SAGD equipment manufacturing experts, you can develop a multi-stage plan that will meet your needs while keeping costs down until you can justify them through increased production.

Your SAGD equipment manufacturing experts of PS Filter specialize in providing high-quality systems that offer cost effective, continuous operation. Contact us today to learn more about forging ahead with SAGD.

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