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Posted: 1 Dec '17

How SAGD Equipment Has Evolved Work in the Oil Sands

How SAGD Equipment Has Evolved Work in the Oil Sands

There's no denying it: when OPEC turned on the taps and flooded the market with oil, Alberta took a beating. As a higher cost producer, we struggled to compete, and we've all seen the shuttered projects in the oil sands.

The biggest problem for Albertan oil was also the reason for the employment boom in the patch: constructing extraction sites was a time consuming, high investment process. When prices were above $100 a barrel, that wasn't a problem, but at $40, if we want to keep the oil sands open at all, we've got to find new ways to do that.

The good news is that SAGD equipment might be where the answer lies, and the latest equipment might cut construction costs enough to make Alberta oil a viable commodity again.

How Has SAGD Equipment Changed Site Set Up?

The development of new, modular SAGD equipment specifically for the Alberta oil sands may be the solution to the cost problems in the oil sands, at least, while we wait for the price of oil to finally move back up.

New, modular systems are designed for easy shipping to site, and the time and investment required to get them operational is a fraction of the cost that these types of sites were demanding just a couple of years ago.

Ongoing Productivity Improvements

Then there's operation time. In order to squeeze maximum profits out of low oil prices, SAGD equipment needs to be running 24/7. Formerly, that wasn't possible, due to repair and maintenance shut downs.

New systems feature maintenance friendly removable tube bundles, that can be quickly and easily switched with a spare when scheduled maintenance is required.

By keeping equipment online as much as possible, the slim profits provided by current oil prices is maximized.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The reality is that we're not likely to see the prices we were getting for Alberta oil a few years ago for a while, and in order to keep the oil sands producing, we need to work smarter, rather than harder.

Lean profits mean that old, labor intensive production methods need to be replaced, and new generation SAGD equipment is the solution. SAGD equipment that's quick to set up, easy to maintain, and offers maximum production.

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