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Posted: 25 Jul '17

How to Efficiently Handle the Removal of VOCs

How to Efficiently Handle the Removal of VOCs

Oil and gas processing in Edmonton results in exhaust streams that contain high levels of VOCs. Not only are they harmful to the environment, they also reduce the lifespan of your equipment and significantly increase the cost of amine processing. As a processor, knowing how to efficiently handle the removal of VOCs is paramount to profits and quality production.

Activated Carbon for Removal of VOCs

When working with high volume, activated carbon is a highly efficient and cost-effective method for removing VOCs. Highly porous, activated carbon filter media attracts and holds organic compounds. Due to the design of these filters, a large surface area is created in a relatively small footprint by creating a series of pores inside the canister or adsorber, which allows for maximum retention of VOCs.

Customized Equipment Maximizes Efficiency

Since oil production relies on naturally-formed geological events, no two sites are exactly alike. This also means that if you are using equipment that is designed for general purposes, you are not getting maximum efficiency when working with removal of VOCs. With a custom high efficiency activated carbon filtration system, you can be assured that water effluent targets are met and your costs for amine and glycol processing are kept to a minimum. Often, the savings realized in filter media, processing costs and maintenance down time more than make up for the initial capital investment for customized filtration systems.

Your experts at PS Filter can help you with optimal adsorption for efficient removal of VOCs. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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