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Posted: 1 May '18

How to Use Activated Carbon to Remove VOCs from Polluted Air

How to Use Activated Carbon to Remove VOCs from Polluted Air

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are one of the greatest hazards to workers in the gas and oil industry. Comprised of toxic chemicals such as benzene and toluene, these airborne contaminants can have long-lasting negative consequences on your workers. Repeated exposure to these compounds can result in gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory illness, cancer, and even death. The removal of VOCs from your worksite is of the utmost importance to ensure employee safety, cut maintenance costs, and adhere to regulatory standards.

Mechanism of Action

Bulk activated carbon facilitates in the removal of VOCs by removing contaminants and impurities from the air through chemical adsorption. Acting as a tiny prison cell for VOCs, it attracts and traps them within its porous surface, completely scrubbing these noxious compounds from the air. Activated carbon has a higher success rate in the removal of VOCs from polluted air due to its hardiness and resistance to mechanical breakdown. Furthermore, it has a higher retention rate due to its extreme porosity in a comparatively small area. Its incredible efficiency makes using bulk activated carbon a low-cost and reliable means to eliminate unwanted contaminants from your jobsite.

Types of Bulk Activated Carbon

There are three primary formulas of bulk activated carbon to choose from when looking for a filter to aid in the removal of VOCs: wood, coconut, and charcoal. With its larger pore size, wood-based carbon is a fine choice when your particulates are also of a larger diameter. However, because it contains only macro-pores, its utilization is limited. Charcoal-based bulk activated carbon is another good choice for the removal of VOCs, but again, it has its limitations. Its pore size is smaller than the wood-based carbon's pore size, plus it has the added benefit of being harder and more durable. Coconut-based bulk activated carbon is unquestionably one of the most superior types of activated carbon for successful removal of VOCs from the air. With almost 90% of its surface area comprised of micro-pores the same size of the molecules you're trying to remove, it's easily renewed and affordable, making it an excellent choice for your application.

Thorough removal of VOCs from your jobsite is essential due to the far-reaching and devastating effects that these compounds can incur. The government is tightening their regulations on pollutants, and failure to comply with them can result in heavy fines. Fortunately, it's both easy and economical to protect your workers and your investment. Contact us today to see how our bulk activated carbon can optimize your productivity and assist you in the removal of VOCs from your jobsite.

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