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Posted: 7 Apr '17

Improve Equipment Performance with Quality Oil & Gas Filtration

Improve Equipment Performance with Quality Oil & Gas Filtration

The oil and gas industry relies on filtration systems for performance, quality, and equipment protection. Because using substandard filtration/separation equipment or supplies can cost you significantly in the long run, it's important to invest in the right system initially. Here are a few ways oil & gas filtration equipment improve performance.

Performance is Increased with Oil & Gas Filtration Equipment,

Increasing your output is a major benefit to investing in the right equipment. Maximizing operational performance is crucial in order to remain competitive in the oil and gas industry. With such a great emphasis on maximizing operational performance in the oil and gas industry in order to remain competitive, increasing your output is a major benefit to investing in the right equipment. Since contaminant types and concentrations vary, the right filter media and equipment can significantly increase your overall performance.

Less Downtime and Fewer Repairs

If your filtration system is not effectively removing particulate for each application, you risk damage to associated equipment. Not only does this increase costs for parts and labor, it drastically cuts into your production schedule. Time spent changing filters, clearing clogged equipment, or replacing corroded piping is time not spent on production. Ultimately, investing in quality oil & gas equipment results in decreased maintenance costs and increased output.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

When your operation is equipped with filtration systems specifically designed for your working conditions, you also spend less time changing and cleaning out filters. For example, with quality pleater systems, contact time throughout the media is greatly increased, allowing for maximum efficiency. These systems have reduced setup times and an overall reduction in costly pleater scrap. Better filtration removes more contaminants and  improves your amine quality and operational efficiency. 

Your PS Filter team are experts in all aspects of process requirements for the oil and gas industry. We can outfit your company with the quality oil & gas filtration equipment that will maximize throughput, improve performance, and decrease maintenance times to ensure you remain competitive. Contact us today! 

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