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Posted: 10 Jan '17

Promoting Efficiency with Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Equipment

Promoting Efficiency with Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Equipment

In Alberta, 80% of oil, or 135 billion barrels, is located at a depth unreachable by open pit mining. SAGD equipment is, therefore, critical to the future of Alberta's oil production. For those working in the Alberta oil sands, maximizing output while reducing costs has never been more important. Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is making great strides towards making recovery more profitable and reducing production footprints.

What is SAGD and How Does It Work?

Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology uses a combination of heat and steam to reduce the viscosity of crude oil deep in the ground and enables reserves to be pooled and pumped to the surface both resource and cost effectively. Steam is injected into the top chamber, decreasing the viscosity of the oil to the point that gravity pushes it down into the bottom pooling well. From there, it can be pumped continuously to the surface.

The Benefits of SAGD Equipment

With the right SAGD equipment, deep oil extraction can be evenly and continuously achieved at highly efficient recovery rates of up to 80%. Compared to older, deep drilling techniques, such as cyclic steam stimulation, SAGD is twice as thermally efficient and achieves much higher recovery rates. The process has been found to be economically viable at oil prices as low as $30 a barrel which, along with its vast application potential across the oil sands, makes it critically important for consistent, profitable oil extraction in economically volatile times.

Promoting Efficiency with Proper SAGD Filters

Poor water quality, scale, and buildup can lead to pipe failures and increased downtime. When your boiler tubes accumulate buildup, thermal properties are reduced and more fuel is required to generate steam. If left unchecked, build up can result in mechanical failure. To combat this, using the right de-oiling equipment can increase recycled water quality, reduce wear on your system components, and decrease the amount of gas required.

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