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Posted: 22 Dec '16

PS Filter Explains the Importance of Amine Filtration Systems in Removing Sour Gas

PS Filter Explains the Importance of Amine Filtration Systems in Removing Sour Gas

When too much hydrogen sulphide (H2S) enters into the air it can create sour gas and even the tiniest concentration can be lethal to both animals and humans. As the rotten smell of sour gas permeates through the air and into the nostrils of a living being it can cause serious damage to the nervous system. If the exposure is prolonged enough this can lead to loss of balance, unconsciousness, and even asphyxiation resulting in death.

Due to the high demand for more natural gas in North America, companies are looking to use sulfuric sour gas. In addition to all of its harmful effects to humans, sour gas is also extremely flammable and can cause corrosion in gas processing plants. Nevertheless, sour gas is still a natural gas and through certain processing conditions can be made into an effective form of energy.

How Do Amine Filtration Systems Work?

Amine filtration systems pass sour gas through a sweetening process, first starting with the removal of many of the existing hydrocarbons and solids. Once this is complete, the gas passes into the absorber tower and rises above the descending amine until purified gas flows to the top of the tower. This purified gas can now be considered to be Rich in absorbed acid gases and needs to be heated in the regenerator; this causes the amine to regenerate its H2S and CO2 content. Next, the separated steam and acid gases are removed from the Rich amine to be cooled and condensed. Finally, the condensed gas is separately transferred into the reflux accumulator and returned to the sill.

Natural gases are commonly contaminated with numerous unwanted materials, including too much H2S. In order to use these gases safely and effectively it is necessary to make sure they are treated with the proper filtration system. To learn more about PS Filter or any of our filtration systems and products, call us today at 780-448-1430.

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