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Posted: 13 Apr '15

PS Filter Introduces Customers to ABY & ABZ Filtration Equipment

PS Filter Introduces Customers to ABY & ABZ Filtration Equipment

Alberta–PS Filter is known across Canada for designing sophisticated filtration solutions for EPC firms, junior producers, and oil/gas producers like the ABY and ABZ Series of pleated cartridges. These cartridges were engineered by PS Filter as an alternative to Pall’s MCC1401/Porous Media’s 37390 and have a wide range of benefits.

The main advantage of PS Filter’s ABY and ABZ filtration equipment is that compared to its alternatives, it is a cost-effective solution for removing unwanted solids from gas or liquid streams. However, ABY and ABZ cartridges were also designed to offer other advantages such as:

  • Secure contaminant capture
  • Quality filtration, even in difficult operating conditions
  • Reliable results
  • Easy use
  • A variety of pressure applications

PS Filter also has a wide range of other different options for filtration equipment Alberta residents can learn more by visiting the PS Filter product brochure page today.

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