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Posted: 30 Jan '15

Rosedale Model 8 Filter Vessels Available at PS Filter – Filtration Equipment Manufacturers

Rosedale Model 8 Filter Vessels Available at PS Filter – Filtration Equipment Manufacturers

The Rosedale Model 8 Filter Vessels are unique in that they offer a wider array of functionality. These filter vessels give the choice of either a basket strainer or bag filter. If looking for the ability to strain out particles, choose the basket strainer which allows for the removal of particles down to a size of 74 microns. A bag filter will suffice if removing particles down to 1 micron from a fluid. There are no tools required to remove the covers and the basket or bag is easy to clean or replace.

The use of the dual straining/filter capabilities extends the life of the strainer or filter, as well as reduces servicing needs. Rosedale 8 Model housings can be supplied with a second, inner basket. Both the inner and outer baskets can be strainers, or both baskets for filter bags.

How do Rosedale Model 8 Filter Vessels work?

Unfiltered liquid flows through the bag or basket after entering the house above it. Solids are contained inside the bag or basket and remain there until the unit is serviced. The closed cover pushes down a basket bail which holds the basket against a positive stop in the housing. No need to worry about a bypass of unfiltered liquid - a radial seal prevents this.

Pressure drop data

Pressure drop should not exceed 2 psi when strainers and bag filters are clean. When contaminant loading is low, higher pressure drops may be tolerated. Bag change occurs at 15 psid.


  • NSF 61 listed. 
  • Housings are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel, and are all electropolished to resist adhesion of dirt and scale - making them easy to clean. Housings are permanently piped.
  • Baskets are large-area and heavy-duty. There are two depths available: 15 or 30 inches.
  • Adjustable-height legs are standard.
  • Low pressure drops, with pressure ratings of 150 and 300 available.
  • Covers are O-ring sealed, and seals are comprised of Buna N, EPR, Viton and Teflon.
  • Duplex units are available, as are ASME code stamps. Available pipe sizes from 3/4 through 6-inch, either NPT or flanged.

Available options

Rosedale Model 8 Filter Vessels have many available options, including:

  • sanitary construction 
  • different outlet connections 
  • higher pressure ratings 
  • extra-length legs 
  • heat jacketing 
  • adapters for holding filter cartridges 
  • liquid displacers 
  • can be fitted with adapter to hold cartridge filter elements 

PS Filter is an Industrial Filtration Equipment Manufacturer of custom Carbon and SAGD Filtration/Separation Equipment, Filtration Systems, Customized Process Filter Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Filter Housings, Basket Strainers, Coalescing Filters, Amine Filters and Filter Elements (bag, cartridges, etc). Customers include Oil Sands Projects, Conventional Oil and Gas Operations, and Offshore Production Platforms. For any Oil and Gas filtration needs, call PS Filter ( (780) 448-1430.

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