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Posted: 3 Mar '15

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Filtration Equipment - PS Filter’s Solution for Alberta De-Oiling Applications

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Filtration Equipment - PS Filter’s Solution for Alberta De-Oiling Applications

Since the Paleolithic era, Neanderthals in Syria have been using bitumen as an adhesive to bind their stone tools. Early Homo sapiens also continued to have a wide range of uses for bitumen and by ancient Egyptian times it was a crucial element in the mummification process.

What is Bitumen?

Bitumen deposits are much unlike the man-made substance: tar, and are more properly referred to as “oil sands” because that is what is ultimately derived from them. This colloquialism started in the 1960’s as a casual way of communicating what is eventually going to be produced out of the bitumen.

Alberta is known for its abundance of bitumen beneath the surface and approximately 80% (135 barrels) of it cannot be accessed through the conventional method of open pit mining.

The SAGD Process

Extracting crude oil from the sands requires a unique process of steam-activated gravity deposits. SAGD filtration equipment works by drilling two horizontal wells into the ground which direct steam. During the SAGD process, steam is directed through two 5 metre apart horizontal wells in order to soften bitumen, thereby turning it into oil. Next, gravity makes the oil into the lower well and is pumped up into the surface.

PS Filter manufactures multiple SAGD de-oiling filtration equipment parts that are necessary for harvesting bitumen deposits out of Alberta’s fertile soil.

PS Filter is an Industrial Filtration Equipment Manufacturer of custom Carbon and SAGD Filtration/Separation Equipment, Filtration Systems, Customized Process Filter Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Filter Housings, Basket Strainers, Coalescing Filters, Amine Filters and Filter Elements (bag, cartridges, etc). Customers include Oil Sands Projects, Conventional Oil and Gas Operations, and Offshore Production Platforms. For any Oil and Gas filtration needs, call PS Filter ( (780) 448-1430.

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