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Posted: 22 Jan '16

Use PS Filter’s AquaSorb 1500 with Filtration Systems to Remove Unwanted Contaminants

Use PS Filter’s AquaSorb 1500 with Filtration Systems to Remove Unwanted Contaminants

Without water there would be no life on earth, but while drinking water is crucial for survival, water that is not purified can harm the human body. This is why PS Filter is committed to helping gas and oil industries in Calgary and Edmonton by manufacturing industrial parts for their filtration systems like the AquaSorb 1500.

What is Activated Carbon?

Carbon is one of the most important elements to human life because of its unique ability to form numerous bonds for essential compounds; without it, no living things would exist. An activated carbon is a type of carbon that is made from crude graphite. Characterized by its porous nature and random structure, active carbon is the strongest physical adsorbing material known to mankind.

Activated carbon is typically manufactured out of natural materials such as coal, wood, or coconut shells that are carbonized by thermal and chemical processes at about 350-450º under a controlled atmosphere to devolatilize the raw material.

What is Activated Carbon used for?

Because activated carbon works through the process of adsorption in which molecules are collected onto the surface of another substance, it has many applications such as removing chlorine taste, quality, and effects from water. In addition to keeping water pollutant free, activated carbon can also adsorb contaminants from the air, gold, sugar, gasoline, and cigarettes.

The AquaSorb 1500 from PS Filter

The AquaSorb 1500 from PS Filter is an adsorbent granular coal-based activated carbon is ideal for filtration systems that clean water from unwanted toxins. Typical applications of the AquaSorb 1500 include the treatment of municipal drinking water, production of soft drinks and beer, treatment of residential water, adsorption of taste and order, and protection of ion exchange resins.

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