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Posted: 13 Jun '17

Why the Proper SAGD Equipment is Important in the Process

Why the Proper SAGD Equipment is Important in the Process

Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is proving to be the preferred method for extraction from the oil sands in Alberta, but not without its challenges. With pressure to meet demand, reduce water consumption, and curb environmental impact, proper SAGD equipment is becoming paramount.

Increasing Production to Meet Demand

The right SAGD equipment means increased processing and less downtime. Continuous operation allows for more volume at separation, meaning you are producing more oil and recycling more water through the SAGD system. The right equipment reduces waste and improves the water and amine quality for continued processing.

Decreasing Environmental Impact

With increasing environmental regulations, investing in the right SAGD equipment will prevent your operations from being fined or shut down due to pollution concerns. Improved SAGD systems require less energy to operate and capture more VOCS and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, an increase in the quality of recovered water ensures that your site will consume significantly less and protect fresh water sources and the habitats surrounding them.

Lower Capital Costs and Reduced Operational Costs

Design improvements have made SAGD equipment capital costs more reasonable. Combined with the right filter media , there is less cost involved in maintaining optimal performance. PS Filter offers vertical single cell and horizontal quad cell configurations designed for maximum processing while remaining competitive for the capital cost outlay. Guaranteed continuous operation, greater throughput, lowered amine costs and less maintenance required means your return of investment will be realized quickly.

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