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Posted: 1 Feb '18

Why VOC Removal is Important in Making Water Potable

Why VOC Removal is Important in Making Water Potable

Water is arguably the most essential element on the planet, but its purity is threatened daily by a variety of harmful contaminants. Some of the most dangerous of these contaminants are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are a byproduct of oil and gas processing and their presence is a hazard not only to living organisms, it can also seep into the groundwater and contaminate the environment where it can be found. The removal of VOCs is important not only for the environmental protection, but failure to do so can cause long-lasting negative repercussions to the workers on the jobsite and result in hefty, avoidable fines.

Cost Effective and Reliable

The most potent way to aid in the removal of VOCs from water is a process called Activated Carbon Filtration. By employing chemical absorption, contaminants such as benzene and trichloroethylene can be thoroughly eliminated from water. The filters are highly absorbent and are designed to grab and hold contaminants within a relatively small package. Using a customized bulk activated charcoal system for removal of VOCs maximizes water effluence targets while minimizing amine and glycol processing costs.

Protect Your Crew

Not adhering to the removal of VOCs from your water can ultimately sabotage your business by destroying the human element that makes it so successful. VOCs can have far-reaching ramifications, ranging from mild and annoying gastrointestinal distress to fully debilitating neurological disorders. The threat of respiratory problems, cancer, and death can quickly overrun your job site, driving up healthcare costs and employee absenteeism. The simple act of removal of VOCs from your water can improve morale, keep your staff safe, and lower costs all around for your business.

Conform to Government Regulations

While your focus on lowering production costs and upholding the protection of your crew is of utmost significance, don't make the mistake of undermining the importance of protecting the environment when considering the removal of VOCs on your jobsite. VOCs are easily absorbed into both groundwater and rainwater and can upset fragile ecosystems. It would be naive to think that the government isn't keeping a keen focus on those who are involved in the oil and gas industries. By complying with government regulations and maintaining vigilance in protecting delicate ecosystems, you can avoid costly sanctions and protect the environment all in one conscious action.

Remember that not all carbon filtration systems are made equal. A generalized filtration system would be costly and inadequate for your specific objectives in the removal of VOCs. Contact us today to find out more about how our custom systems can assist in the complete removal of VOCs and other harmful contaminants from your jobsite.

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