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Posted: 15 Mar '17

Why You Should Choose Rosedale Filter Cartridges

Why You Should Choose Rosedale Filter Cartridges

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on filtration for optimal extraction and production performance. Your PS Filters team are leading providers of advanced custom filtration systems and experts in the field of liquid filtration. With that in mind, we want to share why you need Rosedale filter cartridges.

Rosedale Filter Cartridges for Almost Any Operation

We understand that your operation has a wide range of filtration needs, and Rosedale offers selections in economical disposables, high end cartridges, and stainless steel elements that can be cleaned and reused. With such a wide variety, you'll always have the right filter for the right application.

Higher Throughput Means Greater Production and Profits

Rosedale filter cartridges come in a variety of capacities to suit even the heaviest of containment issues. When we say Rosedale has a filter to suit any contaminant level, we mean it: We offer filters that can handle one pound of contaminate while more efficient models can handle up to 11 pounds. If the job is big enough, our Platinum line can handle up to 600 pounds.

For maximum performance of coalescing filters, pressure vessels, or filter housings, you can count on the quality and performance of Rosedale filter cartridges. With more contaminants removed from your systems, you'll have less downtime due to pipe corrosion, foaming, and other maintenance issues. The result is decreased production costs and a higher-quality product.

The Filtration Experts

Contact your PS Filters team to learn about our customized filtration solutions for liquid filtration. Our innovative designs combined with Rosedale cartridges will maximize your production and provide you an excellent return on your investment. Contact us today to learn how we can help improve the performance of your operation.

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