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Posted: 17 Feb '17

Why You Should Keep the Removal of VOCs in Mind

Why You Should Keep the Removal of VOCs in Mind

Exhaust streams for many industrial processes carry high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), most notably in the Edmonton area during oil and gas processing. These VOCs can be particularly problematic during the amine treatment process for removal of sour and acid gas from crude. The reasons we'll outline below are why you should keep the removal of VOCsin mind.

Significant Economic Benefits

Amine processing is a costly endeavor and with proper detection, removal, and recovery of VOCs, you can recycle chemicals and solvents required for separation. There are also lucrative markets for some of these compounds which may be an effective means of cost recapture for your project. For maximum recovery, a PS Filter active carbon filtration system would be custom-designed dependent on the concentration and type of VOCs to be removed. 

Extend Equipment and Infrastructure Lifespan

Without proper removal of VOCs, you risk excessive corrosion of amine processing equipment and significant solvent loss due to foaming. As more contaminants are introduced, energy efficiency decreases rapidly which also increases operational costs. Through performance improvement of your amine and glycol processing, you'll increase your throughput while reducing the largest associated costs.

Environmental Regulations Tightening up

Whether you choose to consider the economic and production benefits of removing VOCs or not, environmental regulations are going to become increasingly stringent and off-gassing is going to be a heavy target. There is significant evidence that VOCs contribute to groundwater contamination, so in essence, by cleaning up one process, you're contributing to decreased costs on the crude extraction side of your operation, so ultimately, there is still sound reason why you should keep it in mind. Further environmental concerns include greenhouse gasses, absorption into rainwater and the environment.

The Human Element

VOC exposure can lead to serious respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disorders, various forms of cancer and even death. Workers who are exposed to high levels are particularly vulnerable to their effects. Since the environment and water are affected, exposure can run site-wide, increasing health-related costs and employee absenteeism.

These are just a few of the reasons you should keep removal of VOCs in mind for your site. When you consider the significant economic benefits over associated costs and forced environmental compliance over time it just makes good sense. Contact PS Filter and let's get started on your customized solution. 

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