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Check out our blog to learn more about the filtration equipment we supply and how it can be used to achieve your desired result. Whether you need a filter for water treatment, removal of VOCs, & more, we can also custom design and manufacture filters for your specific application.

The constraints and pressure placed on producers to reduce costs in order to maintain profitability in the face of slumping revenues is enormous in the energy sector. This is nothing new when it comes to up and down cycles of commodity products such as oil and gas, but in today’s environment, there are indiscriminate cost-cutting measures that will have severe ramifications, costing operators dearly.

The obvious reason for filtration in the first place is to ensure a level of effluent quality that ensures the required specifications are guaranteed to maintain an efficient operational process. Depending on the application there can be varying levels of micron size requirements and once this has been determined, it is imperative to choose a filter that can meet the chosen requirements cost effectively and be operationally feasible.

An activated Carbon Bed Filter is a chemical filter and needs to be designed to provide enough contact time to be effective. We highly recommend Bulk Carbon Adsorber Systems to be effective in treating dissolved organics in Amine and Glycol Systems and VOC Removal Processes for Vapor Phase applications.

When it comes to effective beer filtration it is of paramount importance to ensure your filtering system encompasses a sanitary approved filter vessel and filters that are FDA approved to meet food and beverage regulations.

Industrial Filtration/Separation can encompass various types of processes depending on the industry, but they all have a common theme and that is to remove contaminants at a specific size and efficiency to protect downstream equipment and processes.

Sometimes there may be confusion on the difference(s) between a filter and a strainer as they both are designed to remove particles from a liquid or gas phase to meet a required effluent quality and may be used to protect downstream equipment from contaminant damage.

Sanitary filtration is used in many different applications from dairy operations, water, pharmaceuticals, sterile air/gas to wine and beer processes. Sanitary is a broad term that relates to health or to the protection of health. A sanitary filter is both designed and built in a manner were it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Sanitary filter housings are built using materials such as electro-polished stainless steel alloys that can be cleaned to prevent the contamination of the end product.